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September Naked Astronomy podcast released

Tue, 24 Sep 2013 (1608 days ago)

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Dominic Ford reports from the European Planetary Science Congress, where he heard about the latest misisons to Mars and the Moon. Lewis Dartnell explains how the ExoMars mission, due to land on Mars in 2018, will go about looking for signs of lifeforms that may have died out billions of years ago. Dina Pasini discusses her more speculative ideas about how the life we see on Earth could have started on Mars. And Bernard Foing and Jessica Barnes discuss what we're still learning about the Moon. Plus, we have more answers to your space science questions.

More details of the podcast are posted here, and on the Naked Astronomy website.

The sky on 24 September 2013
Sunrise 06:58
Sunset 19:03
Twilight ends
Twilight begins

19-day old moon
Age of Moon
19 days

All times shown in EDT.
Rise Culm. Set
Mercury 08:50 14:19 19:49
Venus 10:42 15:44 20:46
Moon 22:30 04:51 11:55
Mars 03:15 10:15 17:15
Jupiter 00:50 08:11 15:32
Saturn 10:03 15:24 20:46


This information was taken from the Naked Astronomy website.

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