Physical Constants

by Dominic Ford, Editor
Last updated: 7 Jan 2017

The following is a list of the values of many widely-used physical constants, expressed in SI units in easily-pasteable form. Most of the values below are taken from the Gnu Scientific Library, which in turn takes its values from Mohr, Taylor & Newell (2008).

e            2.7182818                   [e]
euler        0.57721566                  [The Euler constant]
GoldenRatio  1.618034                    [The golden ratio]
alpha        0.0072973525                [The fine structure constant]
c            299792458      m/s          [Speed of light in vacuum]
epsilon_0    8.85418782e-12 F/m          [Permittivity of vacuum]
G            6.673e-11      m**2*N/kg**2 [Gravitational constant]
g            9.80665        m/s**2       [Acceleration due to gravity]
h            6.62606896e-34 J*s          [Planck constant]
hbar         1.05457163e-34 J*s          [Planck constant/2pi]
kB           1.3806504e-23  J/K          [Boltzmann constant]
Lsun         3.839e+26      W            [Luminosity of the Sun]
Msun         1.98892e+30    kg           [Mass of the Sun]
mu_0         1.25663706e-06 N/A**2       [Permeability of vacuum]
mu_b         9.27400899e-24 m**2*A       [Bohr magneton]
m_e          9.10938188e-31 kg           [Mass of the electron]
m_muon       1.88353109e-28 kg           [Mass of the muon]
m_n          1.67492716e-27 kg           [Mass of the neutron]
m_p          1.67262158e-27 kg           [Mass of the proton]
m_u          1.66053878e-27 kg           [Atomic mass constant]
NA           6.02214199e+23 mol**-1      [Avogadro constant]
q            1.60217649e-19 C            [Fundamental charge]
R            8.314472       J/K/mol      [Molar gas constant]
Rsun         695500000      m            [Radius of the solar photosphere]
Ry           10973732       m**-1        [Rydberg constant]
sigma        5.67040047e-08 kg/s**3/K**4 [Stefan-Boltzmann constant]
pi           3.1415927                   [pi]

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Mohr, P.J., Taylor, B.N., Newell, D.B., CODATA Recommended Values of the Fundamental Physical Constants: 2006, Reviews of Modern Physics, 80(2), pp. 633–730 (2008).





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