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by Dominic Ford

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Date Sun Moon
Age of Moon Rise Culm Set Constellation Rise Culm Set Constellation
Date Sun Moon
Age of Moon Rise Culm Set Constellation Rise Culm Set Constellation
2018Dec1509 days07:2012:0416:47 Ophiuchus12:4818:35--:-- Pisces
2018Dec1710 days07:2112:0416:47 Ophiuchus13:1419:1900:23 Cetus
2018Dec1811 days07:2212:0416:47 Ophiuchus13:4420:0401:23 Pisces
2018Dec1912 days07:2212:0516:48 Sagittarius14:1620:5102:23 Cetus
2018Dec2013 days07:2312:0516:48 Sagittarius14:5221:4103:25 Aries
2018Dec2114 days07:2312:0616:49 Sagittarius15:3222:3604:30 Taurus
2018Dec2215 days07:2412:0616:49 Sagittarius16:2023:3405:40 Taurus
2018Dec2316 days07:2412:0716:50 Sagittarius17:17--:--06:48 Orion
2018Dec2417 days07:2512:0716:50 Sagittarius18:2100:3607:55 Gemini
2018Dec2518 days07:2512:0816:51 Sagittarius19:2901:3908:57 Cancer
2018Dec2619 days07:2612:0816:51 Sagittarius20:4002:4009:51 Leo
2018Dec2720 days07:2612:0916:52 Sagittarius21:5203:3910:38 Leo
2018Dec2821 days07:2612:0916:53 Sagittarius23:0004:3411:17 Leo
2018Dec2922 days07:2712:1016:53 Sagittarius--:--05:2711:53 Virgo
2018Dec3023 days07:2712:1016:54 Sagittarius00:0606:1612:26 Virgo
2018Dec3124 days07:2712:1116:55 Sagittarius01:1207:0412:56 Virgo
2019Jan0125 days07:2712:1116:55 Sagittarius02:1507:5113:28 Libra
2019Jan0226 days07:2812:1216:56 Sagittarius03:1608:3914:01 Libra
2019Jan0327 days07:2812:1216:57 Sagittarius04:1709:2714:37 Ophiuchus
2019Jan0428 days07:2812:1316:58 Sagittarius05:1710:1615:15 Ophiuchus
2019Jan0529 days07:2812:1316:59 Sagittarius06:1311:0615:59 Sagittarius
2019Jan0630 days07:2812:1417:00 Sagittarius07:0611:5616:46 Sagittarius
2019Jan0701 days07:2812:1417:00 Sagittarius07:5412:4517:37 Sagittarius
2019Jan0802 days07:2812:1517:01 Sagittarius08:3713:3418:31 Capricornus
2019Jan0903 days07:2812:1517:02 Sagittarius09:1514:2019:26 Capricornus
All times computed for Ashburn (latitude 39.04°N; longitude 77.49°W) and expressed in Ashburn time.
Ephemeris computed by Dominic Ford, 18 November 2018.
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