Eclipses 1980 – 2059

by Dominic Ford

The bright regions on the maps below show where each eclipse will be visible. Click on the maps to see more information about each eclipse.

These eclipse predictions were computed using EclipseSimulator, an open-source tool for producing animations of eclipses written by the author and freely available for download.

They are based on the DE405 planetary ephemeris computed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). The position of the Sun, Earth and Moon were extracted from the DE405 files using EphemerisCompute, which was also written by the author, and is also freely available for download.

They assume that the Earth and Moon are both ellipsoids with fixed polar and equatorial radii, and do not take into account the irregular topography of either body. All eclipse predictions are made at sea level. In practice, this means that the predictions presented here are inaccurate by at most of few seconds.




Color scheme