The Moon in conjunction with Venus and Jupiter, with the Very Large Telescope in the foreground. Image © Y. Beletsky, ESO, 2009.
The Moon and Saturn pass within 3°34' of each other.

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Annular solar eclipse

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New Moon

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Close approach of Mars and Uranus

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Close approach of the Moon and Mars

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Moon at First Quarter

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Full Moon

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The lion of Nemea; in Greek mythology, a monster slain by Hercules.

Ursa Major

The great bear, also known as the Big Dipper or the Plough. In Greek mythology, Callisto, lover of Zeus.


The multi-headed water snake, slain by Hercules in Greek mythology.

Leo Minor

The lion cub; introduced as a constellation by Johannes Hevelius in 1687.


The air pump; a southern constellation introduced by Lacaille in 1756, originally the 'pneumatic machine'.


The sextant; a constellation introduced by Johannes Hevelius in 1687, celebrating an instrument used to measure star positions.

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Wed, Feb 22, 2017


All times shown in EST.
Sunrise: 06:39
Sunset: 17:38
Twilight  from 05:08
until 19:09

25-day old moon
Age of Moon: 25  days

Rise Set
Mercury 06:26 16:41
Venus 07:42 20:53
Moon 03:55 13:46
Mars 08:25 21:22
Jupiter 21:30 08:49
Saturn 02:47 12:11

The sky on 22 February 2017
Sunrise: 06:39
Sunset: 17:38
from 05:08
until 19:09

25-day old moon
Age of Moon:
25 days

All times shown in EST.
Rise Culm. Set
Mercury 06:26 11:34 16:41
Venus 07:42 14:17 20:53
Moon 03:55 08:50 13:46
Mars 08:25 14:54 21:22
Jupiter 21:30 03:12 08:49
Saturn 02:47 07:29 12:11