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Neptune's path across the night sky in 2014

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The star chart below shows the path of Neptune across the sky in 2014. It is available in two color schemes, light-on-dark (good for on-screen viewing) or dark-on-light (better for printing).

Click on either chart to enlarge it, or click on the PDF link in the bottom-right corner to view it at the highest resolution. An interactive planetarium view is also available, which shows the position of Neptune relative to the horizon in Newark (click here to change).

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Light-on-dark Dark-on-light Planetarium view

The chart above is based on the DE405 ephemeris computed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

The tick marks show the position of Neptune on the first day of each month.

Star positions and magnitudes were taken from the Tycho catalogue. The data was reduced by the author and plotted using Pyxplot. A gnomonic projection of the sky has been used; celestial coordinates are indicated in the J2000.0 coordinate system.