Special General Meeting, 2002 March 16

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Special General Meeting, 2002 March 16

held at the Scientific Societies' Lecture Theatre, 23 Savile Row, London W1

Mr Guy Hurst, President

Ron Johnson and Nick James, Secretaries

The President opened the meeting and invited Dr. Hewitt to read the minutes of the previous SGM of 2001 March 28, which were accepted by those members present and signed. Mr. David Tucker then reported that the Society had received several generous bequests in the past year, and that the reserve account balance was healthy. As a result of this, Council had, after lengthy discussion, recommended to maintain the subscription at its current rate. A trading loss was reported, but Mr. Tucker justified this with reference to modernisations in the Society's office and library. In response to a question concerning this trading loss, Mr. Tucker said that he did not think the loss called for an increase in subscription rate, and Mrs. Hazel McGee suggested that in view of the modernisation expenses, "operating loss" was perhaps a better description. Mr. Tucker went on to report that solicitors for the estate of the late Neville Goodman had indicated that a substantial bequest would shortly by received by the Society.

Mr. Tucker was pleased to announce the appointment of an Assistant Secretary at the Society's office in Burlington House. He hoped this would help relieve the pressure on Pat Barber, the Society's existing secretary.

A motion to maintain the subscription at its current rate was proposed and carried by those members present. The President then adjourned the SGM until a future date before opening the Ordinary Meeting.


Dominic Ford

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