Ordinary Meeting, 2002 April 27

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Ordinary Meeting, 2002 April 27

held at the University of Wales, Newport Road, Cardiff

Guy Hurst, President

Ron Johnson and Nick James, Secretaries

The President opened the sixth meeting of the 112th session with the sad announcement of the loss of Rossie Atwell, who had been an active member of the Society for many years. Members stood as a sign of respect. The President then asked Dr. Hewitt to read the minutes of the previous meeting, which were approved and signed. Mr. Johnson reported that the following presents had been received:

Astro and Lunar Views compiled by G.T. Davis of Reading 1882-1896, donated by Dr. T.J. Richards

Photograph of Vera Reade and some biographical information, donated by Ms. Hinde-Smith

Three copies of a pamphlet on Igneous and Volcanic Origin of Lunar and Planetary Craters: supplement to the first publication, donated by Prof. P. Devadas

The President announced that 17 new members had been proposed for election, and the members present approved the 30 new members proposed at the previous meeting. Mr. Hurst invited new members to meet him during the tea break. Mr. James reported that two papers had been approved by Council for the Journal:

Eclipsing Dwarf Novae, by Bill Worraker and Nick James

Variability of Saturn, by Colin Henshaw

The President urged members to consider writing papers about their work, and Mr. James echoed this call, advising members to contact him for advice beforehand. Mr. Hurst went on to announce that the next meeting would feature Monsters at Work - Watch This Space in place of Peter Hingley's previously advertised talk, which had been postponed. It would also feature Martin Mobberley's Sky Notes and a talk by Sir Patrick Moore about J.S.Franks. The President proceeded to invite the afternoon's first speaker, Prof. Mike Edmunds, who was involved with the Astronomy Advisory Council, as well as research at the University of Wales.






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