The Steavenson Award

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Ordinary Meeting and Exhibition Meeting, 2003 June 28

held at the Cavendish Laboratory, Madingley Road, Cambridge

Guy Hurst, President

Ron Johnson, Nick Hewitt and Nick James, Secretaries

The President opened the seventh meeting of the 113th session. Dr Nick Hewitt read the minutes to the May meeting, which met the approval of members. Mr Johnson announced that no presents had been received. There were 49 new members proposed for election, and the 105 members proposed at the May meeting were elected. Mr James reported that four papers had been accepted for publication in the Journal:

Observations of the superoutburst of BC Uma in February 2003, by David Boyd

The aurora, 2002, by Ron Livesey

Simultaneous transits, by Jean Meeus

The Jupiter Section programme in the new century, by John Rogers

Mr Hurst expressed his gratitude to Nick Hewitt and Jonathan Shanklin for their strenuous labours in organising the afternoon's Exhibition Meeting. He also expressed his thanks to all those who had contributed exhibits, which was followed by prolonged applause.

The next event would be the Out of London Meeting, to be held in York on September 5-7, which would include the third in the Association's popular series of Observing Workshops. Mr Bob Marriot announced that as the new Director of the Instruments and Imaging Section, he would be organising a Section Meeting in Northampton on August 16. He further announced that the 2004 Section Meeting would take place at the Winchester Weekend in April.

The Association's awards were then presented:






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