Ordinary Meeting, 2003 November 29

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Ordinary Meeting, 2003 November 29

held at The Geological Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1

Tom Boles, President

Ron Johnson, Nick Hewitt and Nick James, Secretaries

The second meeting of the 114th session was opened, and the minutes of the October meeting were read by Dr Hewitt before being approved by the audience. Mr Johnson announced the receipt of 53 books, kindly donated from the estate of the late Richard Kelly. Members expressed their gratitude to the donor. Mr James proceeded to announce that four papers had been accepted for Journal publication:

The star of Bethlehem and the comet of AD66, by Rod Jenkins

Visual and photoelectric photometry of 11 Parthenope from 1989 to 2002, by Richard Miles et al.

Jupiter in 2000/2001 - Part I: Visible wavelengths, by John Rogers et al.

Jupiter in 2000/2001 - Part III: The South Equatorial Disturbance, by John Rogers et al.

The President announced that the next meeting would be the Christmas Meeting, to be held at the Geological Society on January 10. The afternoon would include the Christmas Lecture, given this year by Prof Malcolm Longair of the Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, and Martin Mobberley's regular Sky Notes. Mr Boles proceeded to introduce the afternoon's opening speakers, Nigel Henbest and Heather Couper. Co-founders of a substantial production company specialising in the promotion of astronomy, Henbest and Couper were prolific broadcasters and writers, having authored a total of 66 books between them to date.






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