Special General Meeting, 2006 March 22

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Special General Meeting, 2006 March 22

held at New Hunts House, Guys Hospital, London Bridge, London SE1

Richard Miles, President

Ron Johnson, Hazel Collett and Nick James, Secretaries

The President opened the 2006 SGM and invited Mrs Hazel Collett, Meetings Secretary, to read the minutes of the previous year's Meeting. After these had been approved and duly signed, the President invited Mr David Boyd, Treasurer, to address the Meeting. Mr Boyd reported that the finances of the Association were, in the view of Council, in a healthy state, despite a continuing rise in operating costs. In order to ensure that the Association's finances remained this way, however, Council had proposed a rise in the annual subscription rate for Ordinary Members by £2 for the 2006-7 Session to £39; members paying reduced subscription rates would see a pro-rata rise. The Treasurer proposed this motion to the Meeting, and it was duly seconded and passed.

There being no further business, the President closed the Meeting, and the fourth Ordinary Meeting of the 116th Session followed.


Dominic Ford

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