Annual Meeting of the Deep Sky Section, 2007 March 3


Planetary Nebula Howell-Crisp I

Mr Brazell described how there had been considerable activity in recent times among amateurs searching for previously uncatalogued planetary nebulae (PNs). One such amateur was Richard Crisp in Texas; he was perhaps most distinguished as a pioneer of amateur narrow-band imaging in, for example, the Hα and OIII lines. In 2006 November, he and Michael Howell had noted a curious smudge close to supernova remnant IC443 in Gemini, which he believed might be a PN. This had subsequently been confirmed by a professionally-obtained spectrum.

The speaker expressed some surprise that this PN had not been noticed before; it was quite apparent in the Digitised Sky Survey (DSS), and since the announcement of its discovery, many other amateurs had succeeded in imaging it. However, he noted that it seemed to be far from unique; Crisp alone had several other PN candidates awaiting confirmation.

The Director then closed the meeting, expressing his gratitude to all who had assisted in organising it, and especially to all of the speakers.


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