The Cigar Galaxy (Galaxy)

Image of Cigar Galaxy
Red-band image from the Second Digitized Sky Survey (DSS2), measuring 10 arcminutes across.
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From Ashburn (click to change), Cigar Galaxy is visible all night because it is circumpolar. It will be highest in the sky shortly before dawn, when it will be lost to twilight at around 06:20, 53° above your northern horizon. At dusk, it will become visible at around 19:22 (EDT), 20° above your northern horizon.

Name Cigar Galaxy
Object Type Galaxy
Other Names
M 82
NGC 3034
Ursa Major A
Constellation:Ursa Major
Magnitude:8.41 (V)[1]
9.30 (B)[1]
5.07 (H)[1]
4.67 (K)[1]
5.84 (J)[1]
B-V Color (mag):0.89
Hubble type:S?
Right Ascension:09h55m [1]
Declination:+69°40' [1]
Distance:3.8 Mpc
12.3 Mlyr [1]
Derived Quantities
Absolute Mag (V):-19.48




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