Custom ephemeris computer: C/2017 S3 (PANSTARRS)

by Dominic Ford

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All times computed for Ashburn (latitude 39.04°; longitude -77.49°) and expressed in Ashburn time.

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Ephemeris for C/2017 S3 (PANSTARRS)
DateAge ofRightDeclinationRiseCulmSetApproxObservableConstellation
MoonAscensionMag.(hover mouse)
Ephemeris for C/2017 S3 (PANSTARRS)
DateAge ofRightDeclinationRiseCulmSetApproxObservableConstellation
MoonAscensionMag.(hover mouse)
2019Mar2520 days12h46m30s+63°57'21"Circumpolar15.020:29 until 06:02Draco
2019Mar2721 days12h44m10s+64°01'50"Circumpolar15.020:30 until 06:00Draco
2019Mar2821 days12h41m51s+64°05'51"Circumpolar15.020:31 until 05:58Draco
2019Mar2922 days12h39m32s+64°09'24"Circumpolar15.020:33 until 05:57Draco
2019Mar3023 days12h37m14s+64°12'31"Circumpolar15.120:34 until 05:55Draco
2019Mar3124 days12h34m57s+64°15'12"Circumpolar15.120:35 until 05:53Draco
2019Apr0125 days12h32m40s+64°17'27"Circumpolar15.120:36 until 05:52Draco
2019Apr0226 days12h30m25s+64°19'16"Circumpolar15.120:37 until 05:50Draco
2019Apr0327 days12h28m12s+64°20'40"Circumpolar15.120:38 until 05:48Draco
2019Apr0428 days12h26m00s+64°21'40"Circumpolar15.220:39 until 05:47Draco
2019Apr0529 days12h23m49s+64°22'15"Circumpolar15.220:40 until 05:45Draco
2019Apr0600 days12h21m40s+64°22'27"Circumpolar15.220:41 until 05:43Draco
2019Apr0701 days12h19m33s+64°22'17"Circumpolar15.220:42 until 05:42Draco
2019Apr0802 days12h17m28s+64°21'44"Circumpolar15.220:44 until 05:40Draco
2019Apr0903 days12h15m25s+64°20'49"Circumpolar15.320:45 until 05:38Draco
2019Apr1004 days12h13m24s+64°19'33"Circumpolar15.320:46 until 05:36Draco
2019Apr1105 days12h11m25s+64°17'57"Circumpolar15.320:47 until 05:35Draco
2019Apr1206 days12h09m29s+64°16'01"Circumpolar15.320:48 until 05:33Draco
2019Apr1307 days12h07m35s+64°13'45"Circumpolar15.320:49 until 05:31Draco
2019Apr1408 days12h05m43s+64°11'11"Circumpolar15.420:50 until 05:30Ursa Major
2019Apr1509 days12h03m53s+64°08'19"Circumpolar15.420:51 until 05:28Ursa Major
2019Apr1610 days12h02m06s+64°05'10"Circumpolar15.420:53 until 05:26Ursa Major
2019Apr1712 days12h00m22s+64°01'43"Circumpolar15.420:54 until 05:25Ursa Major
2019Apr1813 days11h58m40s+63°58'01"Circumpolar15.420:55 until 05:23Ursa Major
2019Apr1914 days11h57m01s+63°54'03"Circumpolar15.520:56 until 05:22Ursa Major
All times computed for Ashburn (latitude 39.04; longitude -77.49) and expressed in Ashburn time.
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