Ordinary Meeting and Exhibition Meeting, 2002 September 21


The Lydia Brown Award

The President presented the Lydia Brown Award to Bob Marriot. Primarily interested in historical work, Mr Marriot has become expert in 19th century instrumentation, acquiring an encyclopaedic knowledge of his field. He has published a great many papers, including most notably that on the 1925 eclipse, which was worthy of a full publication. He had offered great service both to the BAA, as projectionist and curator of instruments, and also to Northampton Astronomical Society.

Mr Marriot recalled the award of the Merlin medal to Roy Panther by Leslie White. He expressed his honour in receiving a second medal for Northampton.

The Steavenson Award

Kevin West received the Steavenson Award in recognition of his superbly accurate observation. Mr West's prolific observations, often to an accuracy of 0.2", were internationally recognised and of great professional value. Much of his work had been with X-Persei variable stars, which show little fluctuation, and require great dedication and patience.

In accepting the award, Mr West expressed his gratitude to those Association members who had inspired him.






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