Ordinary Meeting and Exhibition Meeting, 2002 September 21


The Walter Goodacre Award

The most senior of the Association's awards, the Walter Goodacre Medal, was presented to Dr John Rogers. The President recalled a saying "Jupiter without John Rogers would be like Saturn without the rings!" An observer of the planet since the early 1970s, Dr Rogers had received the Merlin Medal in 1979. In 1987 he became Jupiter Section director, a post he has held ever since. His many papers had been published both in the BAA Journal, and more academic publications. He works in tracking spots on the Jovian surface, as well as more recently digital image processing.

Dr Rogers thanked the association for awarding him for an activity he found immensely enjoyable. He also thanked the members of the Jupiter section for forming such a superb team, successfully achieving professional class observation over a wide range of wavelengths.

Following the award ceremony, the President invited Martin Mobberley to deliver Sky Notes:




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