Ordinary Meeting and Exhibition Meeting, 2005 June 25

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Ordinary Meeting and Exhibition Meeting, 2005 June 25

held at The Cavendish Laboratory, Madingley Road, Cambridge

Tom Boles, President

Ron Johnson, Nick Hewitt and Nick James, Secretaries

The President opened the eighth Meeting of the 115th Session, and invited Dr Nick Hewitt to read the minutes of the May Meeting, which were approved by the members present. It was announced that 23 new members were proposed for election, and those 23 who had been proposed at the previous meeting were approved by the audience and duly declared elected. Mr Nick James, Papers Secretary, reported that Council had approved two papers for publication in the Journal:

The Aurora, 2004, by Ron Livesey

Planetary and Lunar Imaging with a Webcam, by ??? Taylor

Before proceeding, Mr Boles wished to express his deepest gratitude to Mr Jonathan Shanklin and Dr Nick Hewitt for organising the day's events; without them it could not have happened. Thanks were also due to the many local support staff at the Cavendish Laboratory who had assisted in ensuring the day's smooth running, as well as to all of the exhibiters, who had made it such a great success.

It was announced that the next meeting, the Out of London Weekend, entitled The Planets, would also be held in Cambridge, running from September 2-4 at the Institute of Astronomy. The President then proceeded to present the Association's annual awards, expressing the great honour that he felt at having been charged with this most pleasant duty.






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