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August Naked Astronomy podcast released

Sat, 24 Aug 2013 (1644 days ago)

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This autumn, the Gaia spacecraft will be launched on a mission to find out where the Milky Way's stars came from. I catch up with two of the astronomers at the Lund Observatory who've worked on designing the spacecraft, and with one of the astronomers who's hoping to use data from the spacecraft to calculate where and when the stars of our galaxy formed.Plus, I hear about a new technique which is being used to work out what the atmospheres of planets around other stars are made of, and about observations of a recent gamma ray burst which are helping us to unravel what triggers these strange cosmic phenomena.

More details of the podcast are posted here, and on the Naked Astronomy website.

The sky on 24 August 2013
Sunrise 06:30
Sunset 19:52
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18-day old moon
Age of Moon
18 days

All times shown in EDT.
Rise Culm. Set
Mercury 06:28 13:13 19:58
Venus 09:40 15:32 21:24
Moon 21:54 03:45 10:11
Mars 03:39 10:57 18:15
Jupiter 02:29 09:52 17:14
Saturn 11:51 17:16 22:41


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