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Name Type Mag Dist. / kpc Constellation R.A. Decl. Other names
Name Type Mag Dist. / kpc Constellation R.A. Decl. Other names
NGC 6838Globular8.44.0Sagitta19h53m+18°46'
M 71, Cr 409, Mel 226
NGC 1245Open Cluster8.42.8Perseus03h14m+47°14'
Cr 38, Mel 18
NGC 1261Globular8.416.4Horologium03h12m-55°13'
C 87, Mel 19
NGC 1513Open Cluster8.41.3Perseus04h09m+49°31'
Cr 46
NGC 2215Open Cluster8.41.3Monoceros06h20m-07°17'
Cr 90, Mel 45
NGC 2324Open Cluster8.43.8Monoceros07h04m+01°02'
Cr 125, Mel 59
NGC 2383Open Cluster8.43.1Canis Major07h24m-20°56'
Cr 141
NGC 2627Open Cluster8.42.0Pyxis08h37m-29°57'
Cr 188, Mel 87
NGC 3918Planetary8.4Centaurus11h50m-57°10'
Blue Planetary
NGC 4439Open Cluster8.41.8Crux12h28m-60°06'
Cr 259
NGC 5897Globular8.412.4Libra15h17m-21°00'
Mel 132
NGC 5925Open Cluster8.4Norma15h27m-54°31'
Cr 291
NGC 5946Globular8.410.6Norma15h35m-50°39'
Mel 135
NGC 6569Globular8.410.7Sagittarius18h13m-31°49'
Mel 195
NGC 6717Globular8.47.1Sagittarius18h55m-22°42'
Cr 395
NGC 7086Open Cluster8.41.3Cygnus21h30m+51°36'
Cr 437
NGC 7261Open Cluster8.41.7Cepheus22h20m+58°03'
Cr 450
NGC 3034Galaxy8.43372.5Ursa Major09h55m+69°40'
Cigar Galaxy, Ursa Major A, M 82
NGC 4258Galaxy8.47664.9Canes Venatici12h18m+47°18'
M 106
NGC 1291Galaxy8.5Eridanus03h17m-41°06'
NGC 2074Cluster8.5Dorado05h39m-69°29'
NGC 2194Open Cluster8.53.8Orion06h13m+12°48'
Cr 87, Mel 43
NGC 2236Open Cluster8.52.9Monoceros06h29m+06°49'
Cr 94
NGC 2247Emission8.5Monoceros06h33m+10°19'
NGC 2331Open Cluster8.5Gemini07h06m+27°15'
Cr 126
NGC 6031Open Cluster8.51.8Norma16h07m-54°00'
Cr 297
NGC 6192Open Cluster8.51.5Scorpius16h40m-43°22'
Cr 309, Mel 149
NGC 6396Open Cluster8.51.2Scorpius17h37m-35°01'
Cr 339
NGC 6645Open Cluster8.51.2Sagittarius18h32m-16°53'
Cr 383, Mel 205
NGC 6652Globular8.510.1Sagittarius18h35m-32°59'
Mel 207
NGC 7790Open Cluster8.52.9Cassiopeia23h58m+61°12'
Cr 461
NGC 4826Galaxy8.53679.1Coma Berenices12h56m+21°40'
Black Eye Galaxy, Evil Eye Galaxy, M 64
NGC 1316Galaxy8.5Fornax03h24m-37°00'
Fornax A
NGC 5055Galaxy8.611344.0Canes Venatici13h15m+42°01'
Sunflower Galaxy, M 63
NGC 6864Globular8.620.7Sagittarius20h06m-21°55'
M 75, Mel 228
NGC 2158Open Cluster8.65.1Gemini06h07m+24°05'
Cr 81, Mel 40
NGC 2204Open Cluster8.62.6Canis Major06h15m-18°39'
Cr 88, Mel 44
NGC 2659Open Cluster8.61.7Vela08h42m-45°00'
Cr 194, Mel 91
NGC 3242Planetary8.6Hydra10h24m-18°38'
Ghost of Jupiter, CBS Eye, Eye Nebula, C 59
NGC 4815Open Cluster8.63.1Musca12h57m-64°57'
Cr 265
NGC 6355Globular8.69.5Ophiuchus17h23m-26°21'
Cr 330
NGC 6496Globular8.611.5Scorpius17h59m-44°15'
Mel 185
NGC 6558Globular8.67.4Sagittarius18h10m-31°45'
Cr 368, Mel 194
NGC 6568Open Cluster8.61.0Sagittarius18h12m-21°37'
Cr 369
NGC 4486Galaxy8.618395.7Virgo12h30m+12°29'
Virgo A, M 87
NGC 2186Open Cluster8.72.7Orion06h12m+05°27'
Cr 85
NGC 4649Galaxy8.818395.7Virgo12h43m+11°33'
M 60
NGC 189Open Cluster8.80.8Cassiopeia00h39m+61°05'
Cr 462
NGC 436Open Cluster8.83.0Cassiopeia01h15m+58°49'
Cr 11, Mel 6
NGC 2660Open Cluster8.82.8Vela08h42m-47°12'
Cr 193, Mel 92
NGC 3033Open Cluster8.80.9Vela09h48m-56°25'
Cr 212
NGC 4052Open Cluster8.81.2Crux12h02m-63°13'
Cr 251
NGC 5749Open Cluster8.81.0Lupus14h48m-54°29'
Cr 287
NGC 6400Open Cluster8.80.9Scorpius17h40m-36°56'
Cr 342, Mel 177
NGC 6543Planetary8.8Draco17h58m+66°37'
Cat's Eye Nebula, C 6
NGC 6802Open Cluster8.81.1Vulpecula19h30m+20°15'
Cr 400
NGC 1068Galaxy8.918395.7Cetus02h42m-00°00'
Cetus A, M 77
NGC 1955Cluster8.9Dorado05h26m-67°29'
NGC 6994Open Cluster8.9Aquarius20h58m-12°38'
M 73, Cr 426
NGC 4406Galaxy8.918395.7Virgo12h26m+12°56'
Markarian's Chain, M 86
NGC 247Galaxy8.9Cetus00h47m-20°29'
C 62
NGC 956Open Cluster8.9Andromeda02h32m+44°35'
Cr 27
NGC 2250Open Cluster8.9Monoceros06h33m-05°05'
Cr 100
NGC 2302Open Cluster8.91.5Monoceros06h51m-07°04'
NGC 2403Galaxy8.9Camelopardalis07h36m+65°36'
C 7
NGC 4337Open Cluster8.90.5Crux12h24m-58°07'
Cr 254
NGC 4852Open Cluster8.91.1Centaurus13h00m-59°36'
Cr 266, Mel 116
NGC 6235Globular8.911.4Ophiuchus16h53m-22°10'
Mel 154
NGC 6284Globular8.915.3Ophiuchus17h04m-24°45'
Mel 162
NGC 6539Globular8.98.4Serpens Cauda18h04m-07°35'
Mel 190
NGC 6642Globular8.98.4Sagittarius18h31m-23°28'
Cr 381, Mel 203
NGC 6649Open Cluster8.91.4Scutum18h33m-10°24'
Cr 384, Mel 206
NGC 6934Globular8.915.7Delphinus20h34m+07°24'
C 47, Mel 230
NGC 3627Galaxy8.910730.8Leo11h20m+12°59'
Leo Triplet, M 66
NGC 1850Open Cluster9.051.0Dorado05h08m-68°45'
NGC 2014Cluster9.0Dorado05h32m-67°41'
NGC 1982Emission9.00.5Orion05h35m-05°16'
De Mairan's Nebula, M 43
NGC 6720Planetary9.01.3Lyra18h53m+33°01'
Ring Nebula, M 57
NGC 2180Open Cluster9.00.9Orion06h09m+04°42'
NGC 2182Emission9.0Monoceros06h09m-06°19'
NGC 3402Galaxy9.089400.0Hydra10h50m-12°50'
NGC 5053Globular9.016.4Coma Berenices13h16m+17°41'
Cr 267
NGC 5999Open Cluster9.02.1Norma15h52m-56°28'
Cr 293, Mel 137
NGC 6144Globular9.08.5Scorpius16h27m-26°01'
Mel 147
NGC 6572Planetary9.0Ophiuchus18h12m+06°51'
Blue Racquetball
NGC 6625Open Cluster9.01.3Scutum18h23m-12°01'
NGC 6744Galaxy9.0Pavo19h08m-63°43'
C 101
NGC 6760Globular9.07.4Aquila19h11m+01°01'
Mel 219
NGC 3521Galaxy9.0Leo11h05m-00°02'
NGC 6316Globular9.011.0Ophiuchus17h16m-28°08'
NGC 2903Galaxy9.1Leo09h32m+21°30'
NGC 146Open Cluster9.13.5Cassiopeia00h33m+63°18'
Cr 5
NGC 2112Open Cluster9.10.9Orion05h53m+00°24'
Cr 76
NGC 2254Open Cluster9.12.4Monoceros06h35m+07°40'
Cr 103
NGC 3115Galaxy9.1Sextans10h05m-07°43'
Spindle Galaxy, C 53
NGC 3603Open Cluster9.16.9Carina11h15m-61°15'
Cr 244
NGC 5168Open Cluster9.11.8Centaurus13h31m-60°56'
Cr 273
NGC 7031Open Cluster9.10.9Cygnus21h07m+50°52'
Cr 430
NGC 7172Galaxy9.1Piscis Austrinus22h02m-31°52'
HCG 90
NGC 6981Globular9.217.0Aquarius20h53m-12°32'
M 72, Mel 233




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